I started off my long weekend by heading to Helsinki, where Casper and Hanna were waiting for me. We took a long stroll through town and I bough a new jacket. Later on we met up with my cousin Janica for huge beers and caught up with where we are in our lives at the moment.

The following day I woke up with a terrible hangover but after a quick shower and a delicious breakfast we jumped into the car. We picked up Ida on the way and then my aunt drove us all the way to the Russian border for a toilet break, and to get some snacks. Not to long after that we arrived at Marie's country house in rural Finland.

The wedding was beautiful, and the food was delicious. The invitation said to bring our own booze, but they had a lot of wine an punch for the guests. Every guest also got a mason jar painted with white paint, and a name tag, so we all could have our own glass throughout the evening.  In the end, the "dance floor" which had played a lot of hits, took a more electronic turn and it started to feel like a open air instead, which was great. Everyone that was awake were either running around really drunk, or were devouring the mountain of Karelian pastries that were offered as a light snack.  After being up since the crack of dawn Casper, Hanna and I decided to throw in the towel at 4 in the morning, with techno still in the background.

After gathering our stuff and helping out with cleaning the mess that had been created from the night before, we wen't back to Helsinki, even more hungover than when arriving to the wedding. A quick shower and a steady meal + delicious desert that my grandma had made, C+H and I went to an day open air event at Ääniwalli where Juho Kusti and Samuli Kempi were playing. We stayed there until midnight and then walked home. I had no idea where we were basically, but since C+H have lived in Hlesinki, they knew exactly where to go. At 4 am I had to get up to go to the airport, and after not being able to sleep on the plane home, I arrived in Berlin so exhausted and worn out. Had such a fantastic weekend.

1 month

Hello! It's been almost a month since last time I had the energy to update here. I have been busy with going to a wedding in Finland, working, partying, and for the first time go to Wannsee. Yesterday Maja, Jordan and made a little field trip to the sandy beach south of Berlin, to have picknick and drink beer. After that I went to work and worked the entire night.

Today I have been doing all the stuff I initially wanted to do yesterday, like vacuuming and grocery shop. No I have made myself and amaretto sour and will soon head off to Maja's place to continue drinking before heading off to Berghain.



Last weekend Maja and I shopped up some veggies, made a nice salad and sat on her balcony when it still was warm outside. Got to talk with her about her move to Stockholm, and it feels a bit weird seeing her leave, even if it is in October. I've know her the longest in Berlin and we lived together for 1,5 years, so only naturally I started to cry when she told me she was moving haha.

Today I'm getting a vision test and hopefully buying new glasses, and also going shopping for a wedding outfit before work. What does one wear to a nature wedding in rural Finland with dresscode "Fabulous"?


Some snapshots from when I was in Stockholm to see God (Beyoncé). Got a ticket from Hedvig as a surprise and actually had one of my best visits so far. I met friends that I haven't seen in almost two years, and pay far too much for coffees but it was worth it. Got to stay with mom for one night and eat heaps, and heaps of food. Literally the first thing I did when I came home was to go to the fridge and slice me loads of Herrgård cheese. The rest of the time I spent at Casper and Hanna's place. I freaking love their apartment. A fresh sleek far too expensive one bedroom piece of heaven on Södermalm.

I brought my analogue camera with me, so I have to get those pictures developed soon. Just gotta stop being so very sick first. On Friday I move out of my temporary apartment, but since the builders aren't done with everything yet Marcel and I get to stay with Christian over the weekend. I really don't mind that at all. Like honestly he has the perfect apartment in Kreuzkölln.

Now I'm gonna eat more of my "sick soup" (broth with everything in, like sweet potato, peas, potatoes etc) that I made a huge pot of yesterday, and then continue watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The thing I love to do when I'm sick is to watch movies that you don't have to think to. Letting the brain rest in a cloud of painkillers and honey water.


Wow, haven't been updating for a embarrassingly long time, but since I'm spending this week home super sick, I though I could catch up on a bit of blogging. But first I'm gonna have breakfast and watch a movie.